Member Testimonials

AFWA is ..

  • An important support structure for women as their careers grow and change.

  • A great avenue to develop networks, professional relationships and leadership skills with other business people.

  • A forum to mentor others and to be mentored.

  • Where professional networks are developed with business people in both public and private practice.

"I joined AFWA in 2008 for networking and professional growth opportunities.  Joining a committee and now serving on the board has provided more of these opportunities than I ever imagined.  AFWA offers a variety of ways to get involved, which is important for professional women who are balancing multiple responsibilities and commitments.  It’s exciting to network and develop professional skills through membership lunches, trivia nights and other fun social events.  These relationships and skills are ones I hope to take with me through my entire life.  I have worked with some truly amazing women and look forward to working with many more."  

-- Rachel Hoopes, Chapter Vice-President, 2015-2016

“As a long-time member, the most valuable aspect of AFWA to me is the friendships I've developed with other members. These friendships extend beyond the business arena. We discuss everything from politics to children. This is an invaluable network to draw upon when looking for a career change or discussing procedures to implement a system or law change. This cohesive group is really there for each other. It is also gratifying to watch a recent college graduate blossom in her career or a self-employed CPA's practice grow. AFWA has enriched both my professional and personal life.” 

-- Marcia Braungardt, CPA Chapter President 1999-2000. Member since 1985

“AFWA has played a major role in my professional development over the years. I have gained lifetime friendships with women who share the same career goals and challenges that I have faced. AFWA has helped greatly in developing my confidence and self assurance by providing opportunities to speak in front of groups and facilitate meetings in a very forgiving environment conducive to learning and improving these skills. In addition, I now have a wonderful network of women accounting professionals that are just a phone call away. 
My experience with AFWA has been one that could not be duplicated in any other local organization.” 

-- Shalena Hatfield, CPA Chapter President 1997-98. Member since 1994

“I joined AFWA as a student member after receiving a local scholarship in 1979. Over the years, my involvement in AFWA has changed as I have moved through different phases of my career. At different times, I have been focused on one particular aspect of AFWA: networking, CPE, friendships, mentoring, public speaking, communication. 
Committee involvement and serving as an officer at the local level gave me experience in project management, people management, communication and public speaking in a non-threatening environment. These skills were vital in my public accounting career. My involvement at the regional and national level was rewarding. I made new friends all over the country when I served as Area Director, National Secretary and National Treasurer. Serving on the national board gave me experience in organizational and project management that translated directly to the workplace.” 

-- Jill Bryant, CPA Chapter President 1986-87. Member since 1981

“When I first joined AFWA, it was for the networking, education, and the chance to develop skills. What has kept me a member for over 20 years and what keeps me attending the chapter meetings, regional conferences and national conferences is the people. In looking back, I realize that the people have been a big part of my membership benefits all along. In the beginning it was the chance to know and learn from the women who were not only the founders of our chapter, but the ones who paved the way so that my entry into the accounting profession was easier. Later, it was to develop teamwork and communication skills. Then it was an opportunity to further develop leadership skills. 
The women…they are what truly makes AFWA great.” 

-- Laura Farney, CPA Chapter President 1995-96. Member since 1984