1. Apply online.

2. Apply by mail. Go online and download the application and submit with check per the application instructions. The most recent application will always be located here:

Note: For Koch Industries employees only, please email for payment amount. Koch has a group discount that is prorated throughout the year.

3. Wichita Chapter Notification

Also, please send an email only (not the application) to to let her know you have applied to be a member. Liz will monitor your application status.

4. Once your application is processed, you will receive:

  • Membership Number
  • Wichita Chapter Membership Roster
  • Emails regarding upcoming meetings and events
  • One year’s subscription to AFWA’s magazine - The Edge
  • Continued education from monthly membership meetings

Please direct any questions you may have to Liz Morales, Membership Director, at or 316.828.1834.